Free Practical Payroll Management Skills Webinar For Professionals

Basic Details Of this Training:

Join us for an engaging and informative online training session that will equip all HR and Finance professionals with practical payroll management knowledge while also providing essential insight to elevate your business management skills

Note: This summary is actually to explain how the webinar can help

1. Workers in HR and Finance with payroll skills which is a good addition to their knowledge and skills.

2. Business owners or managers as it help them understand take more informed decisions when it comes to hiring, fixing salaries and the financial implication on the organization.

Practical Payroll Management Skills Webinar For Professionals

Key Benefits:

  • Gain practical Payroll Management and administrative skills
  • Learn to efficiently manage Payroll Systems
  • Navigate Complex payroll calculations and deduction such as Pension, PAYE, NHF, NSITF, ITF etc., with Confidence
  • Utilize Our Free Payroll Calculator for your monthly Payroll Calculations, Schedules, Pay-slips and remittances
  • Learn to stay compliant, avoid penalties and common errors
  • Interactive Q&A Session with Industry Expert

Webinar Details:

  • Date: September 13th 11am (West Africa Time)
  • Presenter: Jare John-Mabun, Chief Consulting Officer at Poweredup Consulting
  • Limited Seats: Only few spots available, so reserve your spot now!
  • Approx. 3 hours

Agenda Highlights:

  • Payroll and Salary Structure
  • Payroll Payments and Statutory Deductions
  • Government Acts that affect payroll
  • Payroll Management and Error prevention
  • Interactive Q&A: Get Your Questions Answered

Who Should Attend:

Accounting, Finance and HR professionals and MSME owners looking to enhance their skills.

Technical Requirements

  • Stable internet connection
  • Device to connect
  • Google Meet account

Meet the Presenter

Jare John-Mabun

Meet Jare John-Mabun

Jare John-Mabun

Jare John-Mabun is an accomplished HR professional with international experience, including working in London as a project coordinator and managing HR and Payroll for renowned organizations like General Electric and UK Government Funded Organizations. Currently serving as the Chief Consulting Officer at PoweredUp Consulting, he excels in enhancing human effectiveness, team building, and organizational development through his expertise in soft skills training.


Are You Ready? Then Lets Begin ..

Registration Steps:

  1. Fill out the registration form on this page.
  2. Receive an email confirmation with further details.
  3. Stay tuned for SMS and WhatsApp reminders closer to the webinar.
Practical Payroll Management Skills Webinar For Professionals

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