Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching

John-Mabun as your executive coach plays multiple roles in your life: he unlocks your potential, allow you to discover your best self, acts as a motivator, accountability partner and strategist.

Most organizations believe that once someone reaches executive or senior status in the organization, they should inherently be able to act under pressure, inspire and implement ideas, keep their skills sharp and current, and have all the answers.

In actuality, they can eventually get there on their own but the engagement of a qualified executive coach will exponentially increase not only the time it takes for the executive to get there but also the ability for the executive and the company to sustain the change.

Improvements that stem directly from coaching engagements include

  • Enhanced executive learning
  • Gains in corporate performance
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Increased leadership effectiveness
  • Increased personal and organizational improvements

In the process, not only do executives improve themselves but substantially have a greater impact on their organization.

Benefits to the organization include enhanced individual and organizational performance which positively affect organizational culture.

These further provide enhanced reputation within the industry, improved employee morale, and positive work environments, thus greater productivity and enhanced client relationships.

Coaching can be your competitive edge!

What should a manager or an executive expect from a coach?

Coaching helps people get from point A to point B. It sounds simple enough, but the exact terrain between the two points is often obscure.

The coach will often be the only one to reflect brutal reality and remind the client who they are and what is most important to them.

A coach can help identify and close skill gaps. Most people have a sense for where they lack skill, but a coach can quickly get to the pain point.

Our executives ask for a coach when they realize that even though they are really good at some things, they may have a couple of edges to smooth out.

A coach is often the only person in an executive’s life who will hold the lamp high enough for the client to see beyond immediate commitments and goals.

Coaches are trained to focus attention on what is working and on the client’s strengths. They will always challenge the client to go beyond what they think is possible

Every environment has qualities that may not be immediately apparent to the client. The coach will have experience from many different environments — and the benefit of an outsider’s perspective.

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hr consulting services
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